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Steve Blank: “When looking at a market through the Jobs-to-be-Done lens, a market is best defined as: a group of people and the job they are trying to get done. For example, parents (a group of people) who are trying to “pass on life lessons to children” (a job-to-be-done) constitute a market. As do surgeons (a group of people) who are trying to “repair a torn rotator cuff” (a job-to-be-done), or clinicians (a group of people) who are trying to “diagnose the cause of a patient’s sleep disorder” (a job-to-be-done). When defining markets with a jobs-to-be-done lens, thousands of unique markets exist. They are stable over time, focus on what people are trying to accomplish rather than solutions, offer a focal point for analysis, and form a foundation for deeply understanding customer needs.

George Will: “Government breeds advocacy groups that lobby it to do what it wants to do anyway – expand what it is doing.” [via CafeHayek]

Shane Parish: “Ideas are cheap. Execution is expensive. The ability to execute separates people, not the ability to come up with ideas.”

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