Interviews and Talks


Business Insider India — SaaS Scions (Oct 2023)
Interview with Ashutosh Garg (The Brand Called You) (Sep 2023)
Interview with Rethink Retail (Sep 2023)
Black Friday & Beyond: The Shift from ‘Acquisition Only’ to Retention & Loyalty [Khaleej Times] (Nov 2022)
Interview with TechRound UK (Oct 2022)
Email 2.0: Making Email Cool Again [Talk at Email Insider Summit] (May 2022)
Podcast with Email Geeks (May 2022)
Email 2.0 Webinar with Forrester (Apr 2022)
Talk at Symbiosis (SIDTM) on Martech (Feb 2022)
SaaSworthy Interview (Feb 2022)
Email 2.0 for FTLOE Thursdays (Feb 2022)
LinkedIn [IN]Collab Interview (Feb 2022)
Hindu Business Line on Netcore (Jan 2022)
Interview with Money FM (Singapore) (Dec 2021)
Interview with Martech Series (Dec 2021)
Interview with Martech Asia (Dec 2021)
Pathbreakers Podcast with Upendra Namburi on Attention (Dec 2021)
Atomic Rewards in Email (Nov 2021)
Winning in the Coming Martech Era (Nov 2021)
Economic Times on Netcore (Sep 2021)
Interview with EnterpriseZone (Sep 2021)
Business Standard on Netcore (Jul 2021)
Market Movers Conversation on VRM (Jul 2020)
VRM discussion on Email Unplugged podcast (Jul 2020)
Exchange4Media Interaction (Jun 2020)
Webinar: Velvet Rope Marketing (May 2020)
Impact magazine (May 2020)
Knowledge@Wharton (Feb 2020)


Podcast with Vasant Dhar (Oct 2023)
Interview with Varun Duggirala (Oct 2023)
Interview with Swaminathan (ContraMinds) (Sep 2023)
SaaStr Talk Overview (Sep 2023)
Interview with The Signal (Sep 2023)
Interview with RepublicWorld (Aug 2023)
Founderpath AMA with SaaS founders (Aug 2023)
Conversation with Govindraj Ethiraj at The Core (Jul 2023)
Netcore on Startup Dugout (Jul 2023)
GrowthPal Webinar on Netcore’s Growth Story (Jun 2023)
Podcast with Tekpon (Jun 2023)
SaaSOpen Talk: Startup to $100Mn Proficorn (Mar 2023)
Economic Times on India SaaS (Dec 2022)
Hindu Business Line Podcast (Dec 2022)
Hindu Business Line on Netcore (Dec 2022)
Economic Times Interview (Nov 2022)
SaaSBOOMi Interview (Nov 2022)
Forbes India Podcast (Jul 2022)
Breakout Growth Podcast (Jul 2022)
Alex Theuma of SaaStock (Jul 2022)
Best in Class Podcast, by Harish Natayanan (Jul 2022)
Latka Magazine (pages 46-50) (Jun 2022)
SaaS Founders Podcast (Jun 2022)
Interview with Nathan Latka (Apr 2022)
Internet and IndiaWorld: Conversation with PCQuest (Apr 2022)
Digital Dialogue with Prasad (Apr 2022)
Economic Times on Netcore’s Future Plans (Apr 2022)
Netcore and Unbxd Media Coverage [See Parts 2, 3 4] (Mar 2022)
Business Today on my Blog (Mar 2022)
Talk at TAB India (Feb 2022)
Podcast with 100X Entrepreneur (Feb 2022)
Mountain beyond Mountains: Jito Talk (Feb 2022)
YourStory on My Entrepreneurial Journey (Jan 2022)
E27: Why failures are intrinsic to my success story (Dec 2021)
Conversation with Ajay Row on My Entrepreneurial Learnings (Nov 2020)
JITO Talk on Entrepreneurship and Proficorns (Oct 2020)
Webinar: Accelerating Beyond Covid (Apr 2020)
YourStory (Dec 2019)


Manthan Talk — Nayi Disha: The Road to Prosperity: Text PDF Video (Jul 2021)
Conversation with Vijay Rana: How to reboot post-Covid Indian economy (Nov 2020)
Conversation with Ashraf Engineer (Oct 2020)
Prashnam: Conversation with Sujit Nair (HW News) (Oct 2020)
EVMs: Conversation with Sujit Nair (HW News) (Aug 2020)
Mission 10-20-30 (May 2020)
The Seen and the Unseen (Nov 2018)