Quoted in SaaS story by Economic Times

Bharani Vaitheesvaran had a year-end review of India SaaS. The key message in the story: “Indian Software-as-a-Service companies are bracing for slower quarters as a potential recession in US could hurt topline.”

It featured a quote by me: “Mumbai-based Netcore Cloud, a bootstrapped SaaS company, believes the on premise to cloud transition is a business growth driver with a lot more wind in its sails. Founder Rajesh Jain told ET: “India’s SaaS companies have a long period of future growth. 2022-23 will be just seen as a blip. Whether 2023 is worse or better than 2022 is hard to tell – much depends on the extent of slowdown/recession in the US and Europe.””



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Rajesh Jain

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