A Long US Visit (Part 3)


I had the wonderful opportunity to talk about my entrepreneurial journey at SaaSOpen, the event organized by Nathan Latka in New York. Here is the video.

Some of the slides from my talk:

It was a fantastic event for SaaS founders. Getting to hear the behind-the-scenes stories of what it takes to build a company with financials is what makes it unique. For me, the best sessions were Nathan’s 1:1 conversations – I have not seen a better questioner than him!

While valuations in SaaS have normalised, gritty founders are working to build sustainable businesses. Operational efficiency and profitability are now central to building businesses. My talk about building IndiaWorld and Netcore as “proficorns” (private, profitable, bootstrapped, and highly valuable) resonated well – I got a lot of good feedback after my presentation. For me, the journey has just begun. There are many more mountains to climb, as I said at the end of my talk.

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