Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon

Every year for the past many years, I have been devoting a day to read the latest Daniel Silva thriller featuring Gabriel Allon. There have been 20 books in the series so far – and I have read all of them. The latest one, “The Order“, was published a few days ago — becoming available in India before the US. I spent Sunday with Allon. Even though I do like thrillers, there is no other character I afford this privilege to — of reading the book as soon as it has been published.

Allon is a character you cannot but help admire. And at times when I face a challenge, I cannot help but ask myself, “What would Gabriel Allon do?” (He is an assassin, but my point is not that — it is about the way he approaches a problem.)

In busy times like now, it becomes difficult at times to create contiguous time to read fiction and transport oneself into the world created the author. The joy of sitting in one place for many hours reading is a feeling that has become increasingly rare in our busy interrupt-driven lives.

PS: Another excellent book I read recently was “A Burning” by Megha Majumdar.



A New Blog Beginning

I am re-starting blogging. For 12 years between 1999 and 2012, I had blogged daily at emergic.org. And then I stopped. It’s time to go back to blogging.

I have never been comfortable with Twitter or the other social media platforms. I was one of the early bloggers. I liked the free-format style of just writing one’s thoughts without the constraints of letters or worries about followers. I wrote for myself. The empty text box of Movable Type first and then WordPress opened me up. And during these trying times of Covid-19 sitting at home in Mumbai, I decided that I needed an outlet once again.

I hope to write daily. Something new everyday. I want to make the blog a mirror for my thoughts – as it once was.

There are three broad themes I hope to cover: the future of marketing (linked with what I am doing at Netcore), my experiences as an entrepreneur and building a profitable business and what India needs to do to be free and rich (the work that I had started – and stopped – at Nayi Disha).

And with these there will also be some diversions – books I read, links to some of my past writings (which will make me read my own thoughts from a decade or two ago), and the occasional surprise!

So, a we start a new financial year under great uncertainty in India, I want to make writing a daily certainty in my life.