Interview with Ashutosh Garg (The Brand Called You)

The conversation.

00:35 – About Rajesh Jain
– Tell me about your journey in brief.
– What is Martech? Why is it important for businesses today?
03:24 – Why do you advocate a shift from Ad Tech to Martech?
04:50 – Why are digital and e-com businesses not widely profitable? How can they become profitable?
– What is Profipoly? What does it take to build it?
08:57 – What are some common mistakes that a lot of businesses make when implementing Martech?
– How has the integration of AI and machine learning started to reshape Martech?
14:35 – How has Martech been influenced by changes in consumer behaviour?
17:11 – Tell me about your book. Who is the intended audience?
– What are some basic mistakes a lot of entrepreneurs make? How is the proficorn entrepreneur different?


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