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India Breaks the Privatization Taboo: by Sadanand Dhume. “Optimists believe Mr. Modi is poised to deliver the industrialization India has long sought…But Modi’s new reforms aren’t all pro-market, and they may lead to isolation and crony capitalism.”

On Prediction Markets: by Tyler Cowen. “Prediction markets let people “bet” on some feature of the economy, thereby creating a new financial derivative. A prediction market in gross domestic product, or perhaps in local rates of unemployment, could be a useful means of hedging risk. If you are afraid that GDP will fall, you could “short” GDP in a prediction market and thus protect your overall economic position, because your bet would pay out if GDP came in lower than expected.”

Product Feature Prioritization —How to Align on the Right List: by Bob Pennisi. “If you want a more efficient and reliable way to prioritize product features, start with a clear and defined set of customer needs.” More on Outcome-Driven Innovation.

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