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How to make a social safety net for the post-covid world: from The Economist. “Governments must remake the social contract for the 21st century…For years social spending has favoured the elderly and an outdated safety net. It should be rebuilt around active labour-market policies that use technology to help everyone from shopworkers who are victims of disruption to mothers whose skills have atrophied and those whose jobs are replaced by machines.”

Thomas Sowell: “When the government chooses between policy A and policy B, it is making a choice in which the personal interests of the decision-maker are involved. Rewards for both elected and appointed officials – whether in money or in kind – come from increasing the demand for their services. If policy A will achieve a certain result largely through the individual efforts of the citizens themselves, and policy B requires the presence, activity, and visibility of politicians, clearly it is to the politicians’ advantage to advocate policy B.” (via CafeHayek)

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