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How citizen data led India’s covid battle: from Mint. “Through the pandemic, Indian journalists, scientists and citizens have had to battle against the Indian state for access to basic data, which is often easily available in most other parts of the world, including in resource constrained Latin American countries. With new virus variants now altering the course of both the pandemic and vaccine development, transparent data will only become ever more important in the pandemic’s second year. Will India change course at least now?”

Success beyond software and services: by Shyam Ponappa. “India dominates the world market in motorcycles. What will it take to replicate this success in other industries?”

Thomas Sowell: “The minimum wage law is very cleverly misnamed. The real minimum wage is zero – and that is what many inexperienced and low-skilled people receive as a result of legislation that makes it illegal to pay them what they are currently worth to an employer. Most economists have long recognized that minimum wage laws increase unemployment among the least skilled, least experienced, and minority workers. With a little experience, these workers are likely to be worth more. But they cannot move up the ladder if they can’t get on the ladder.”

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