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Matt Mullenweg: “One thing I love about great creators, you can imagine like a J.R.R. Tolkien or something. He doesn’t just write a book, he creates a world. […] When we talk about Salesforce, we talk about their acquisitions, or Mark Benioff and Bret Taylor, like these sorts of things. But you miss that they created a world. There are events, where they share information. There are interactions with the communities. They put their name on the tallest building in every city. All of these things are part of the universe, the mythology, the world of something like a Salesforce. That’s also what we tried to do with WordPress. We said: it’s not just product, it’s a movement, it’s an ecosystem, it’s a philosophy, it’s a worldview.

To become a global supply hub, India must attract investment from sub-MNC smaller firms too: by Richard M Rossow. “Attracting big investments is conceptually easier to understand when it is in terms of an automobile production facility, consumer durables factory, or food production plant. But smaller suppliers are the crucial underbelly to supply chains. India’s ability to attract investment from these risk averse firms with less capital will cement India’s place as a global manufacturing superpower.”

Bill Gates Q&A: WSJ. Book reco: “There’s a Hans Rosling book called Factfulness that is very readable and gives you a great worldview of how far we’ve come and yet how there’s a lot still to do.” Core belief: “I believe in innovation. That with most problems, there are innovative solutions that can solve that problem.”

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