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Email Hassles: The Main Problems Facing Brands. Top 4: Competition for attention in the inbox, poor email engagement,staffing/resource constraints, email deliverability.

Aggregators won the 2010s, Infrastructures will win the 2020s: by Sangeet Paul Choudary. “In the as-a-service economy, everything is a shovel. When every function in the value chain can be modularized and provided as-a-service, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that while everyone joins the digital transformation ‘gold rush’, the vast majority of value will accrue to the ones selling the shovels. The 2010s saw the rise of the aggregators, who profited by creating bottlenecks on consumer access. The 2020s will see the rise of the infrastructures – the as-a-service ‘shovels’ that capture most of the profits while the rest of the economy scrambles for gold.”

What are the most important statistical ideas of the past 50 years?

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