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Cobie: “Attention is a currency on the modern web. Web2 companies figured this out ages ago. Users pay for a service with their attention. Companies capture this attention to ultimately sell something to the user at some point down the line. Usually the company doesn’t sell something specifically themselves, they just act as broker between user’s attention and businesses with something to sell. Attention as a currency in the token economy is much more evident and direct…In web3, the fight for attention is so large that 9-figure incentive programs are the new normal, and 5-figure airdrops to users are not uncommon. Crypto youtube influencers are commanding 5 to 6 figure advertising costs per video. Attention is scarce and it is in high demand.”

Aditi Phadnis in a review of a biography of VP Singh: “Jacobin revolutionary Louis Antoine de Saint-Just’s remark as he was led off to be guillotined is an apt lesson for all aspiring revolutionaries. He said: “Those who make revolutions halfway dig their own graves”. If you are irresolute or bow to pressure, the forces of counter-revolution — the very forces that you are trying to stamp out—can quickly return to overwhelm and crush you. Debashish Mukerji’s work is a deeply researched and fascinating account of the life of India’s former prime minister. But it also brings to the fore the limits of structural change that Vishwanath Pratap Singh was able to bring about and should serve as a reminder to all those seeking to transform Indian society and economy — whether in the government or in opposition— about the power wielded by forces of counter-reform.”

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