Marketing Ideas

Four transformations will shape marketing in the coming years:

  • the shift from continuous new customer acquisition to focusing on existing customers (Martech 2.0),
  • the creation of differentiated experiences for Best Customers (Velvet Rope Marketing),
  • the building of hotlines via email for two-way engagement (Email 2.0), and
  • the use of Atomic Rewards to solve the twin problems of attention recession and data poverty (Loyalty 2.0).

Taken together, these trends will lead to better brand-customer relationships and less “AdWaste” to drive “profit-centric marketing” via exponential, forever, profitable growth. Half of marketing spends (about $200 billion annually) are drained by reacquisition of churned or inactive customers, and wrong acquisition. The key to controlling rising CAC (customer acquisition cost) is by deepening the emphasis on existing customers with the 5 Rs: retention, repetition, referrals, reactivation, replenishment. Otherwise, marketers run the risk of constantly pouring money into a leaky bucket which can have a negative impact on profitability.


Essays are chronological in each of the next four sections. The ones in bold are good places to begin.

Martech 2.0: Focus on Existing Customers

Velvet Rope Marketing (VRM): Differentiated Experiences for Best Customers

Email 2.0: Build Hotlines to Customers for Two-Way Engagement

Loyalty 2.0: Atomic Rewards to Tokenise Attention and Data