Nayi Disha: A People’s Pipe for Prosperity (Part 6)

The Time is Now

Even as the stock market reaches all-time highs on a regular basis, the real economy has faced significant challenges – the stress induced both by the pandemic and government policies. Good upwardly mobile jobs are limited to a few sectors fuelled by startup and growth capital. Many households have lost two years of growth. Children in schools have also been impacted on account of Covid-related closures and inability to make the online shift. Below the calm under masks, a discontent brews – with an inability to get an outlet. Polarised messages on WhatsApp groups are a manifestation of the split in opinion about the government, its policies and the future.

The irony is that it does not matter who is in power. What the BJP does today parallels what the Congress did yesterday. And should a new party, front or formation appear in the future, it will be inspired by the BJP government’s actions. All politicians are cut from the same cloth and power corrupts – not that the current crop needs any advice! This has been the tragedy of India – every time some hope appeared for a free and prosperous tomorrow, it has been rudely and soundly crushed. Not for India its Washington or Madison, or even a Lee Kuan Yew, Deng Xiaoping, or Jonathan Cowperthwaite. Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.  Yogi lurks behind Modi, Mamata and Pawar lurk behind Gandhi. No ruler will change the rules; every ruler will strengthen the rules that limit freedom.

We can keep waiting. Or we can together decide to do something about it. There is no better time than the coming months and years. The reach of digital can be a great leveller for a new movement. In due course of time, it too will be controlled for no one in power can stand independent voices for very long. There must be an urgency of now. But for that, we have to awake to an understanding that notwithstanding the free food and all the other freebies and subsidies some sections of India get, the path to mass flourishing and prosperity is not the way our political Pied Pipers are taking us down on.

It is not an easy persuasion – either on the narrative or the timing. The poor have to worry about their next meal, the elite have their cocoon to protect. The institutions that should have been the protectors of our freedom and future have been infiltrated and compromised. There is no Great Leader to turn to for guidance. So, who will bring about the change? Who will challenge those in power? Let’s first understand who will not.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.