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NYT on the Creator Economy: “Creators are people who build audiences online and find a way to make money from those audiences. They are usually young, digital natives who are trying to make a living from their social media work. And big Silicon Valley investors increasingly see them as the next financial vein to be tapped on the internet. The creator economy, which provides digital tools to influencers and helps them run their businesses, is a huge, largely unexplored market. The venture capital firm SignalFire estimates that 50 million people around the world consider themselves content creators, while the technology news site The Information estimates that venture capital firms have invested $2 billion into 50 creator-focused start-ups so far this year.”

Danny Meyer: “In business, I think that the first people who need to receive hospitality are the people who work in an organization. Because if when you come to work, you feel like your colleagues are on your side, your boss is on your side, that people genuinely want to see you succeed, that’s probably going to bring out the best in you. And then you’re probably going to do even better things for your customers.” [via Shane Parish]

Tyler Cowen University: “If you were to design a university from scratch, what might it look like?”

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