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UBS on the Subscription Economy: from “Millennials are the ones behind the massive shift toward digitization. They—and the Gen Zers right behind them—are true digital natives who prefer “access over ownership”: paying for Uber, not a car note; streaming a new release on Netflix, not buying a DVD. The Subscription Economy model is what makes this shift possible…More and more corporations are now embracing a subscription model because they love how it allows for more predictable and sustainable cash flow. Think going from paying for huge data processing centers to subscribing to storage in the cloud.”

Atanu Dey has quotes from Lee Kuan Yew: “India is an established civilization. Nehru and Gandhi had a chance to do for India what I did for Singapore because of their enormous prestige, but they could not… Policies of self-reliance are no longer relevant in an interdependent world with fast-changing technology…A second relic of India’s historical legacy is its preoccupation with fair distribution…To redistribute all the gains in the early stages of growth will slow down the capital accumulation necessary to generate further growth. Wealth springs from entrepreneurship, which means risk taking…The only way to raise the living conditions of the poor is to increase the size of the pie. Equality of incomes gives no incentive to the resourceful and the industrious to outperform and be competitive.” No much has changed; we continue to lose opportunities to transform India.

Times of India on the making of the new Mumbai-Delhi expressway.

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