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A History of Microsoft Excel. “Anyone who has worked in finance or consulting grew up on it, learned to love it over thousands of hours of practice and improvement. Whether they realized it or not, they were becoming programmers, or at least no-code practitioners before the no-code movement took off. “Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite” is so meaningless that it’s become a meme, but the ability to bend one specific Office program, Excel, to one’s will is a badge of honor. But the enduring, passionate user fervor for the product isn’t even its most unique attribute. Excel’s most lasting impact extends beyond the spreadsheet itself.”

Cash Is Turning Out to Be the Most Effective Welfare: by Noah Smith. “For too long people in need have been stereotyped as lazy and dependent. Cash payments give them the breathing room to chart a better life course.” India needs Dhan Vapasi.

The Roblox Microverse: by Ben Thompson.

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