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Bob Ewing: How to Use AI to Improve Your Public Speaking. “Don’t worry about structure or eloquence. Just verbally process your ideas out loud. If possible, do this while walking outside as it can help stimulate ideas. You can then combine your spoken transcripts with any of your previous notes you have on the topic. By allowing you to focus entirely on your thoughts without worrying about eloquence or the mechanics of transcription, AI makes it that much easier to do the ‘looking in’ that is at the heart of genuine creativity.”

Contrary Research does a deep dive into Substack: “Substack is a subscription-based newsletter publishing platform for independent writers. Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter and for readers to find and follow writers whose writing they love to read and support. Substack started as a tool but is trying to become a reading destination. It has a mobile app for a native reading experience and a growing network of writers and readers with social features like recommendations and comments…Substack is entirely free for newsletters that don’t choose to charge readers. For newsletters that do opt to require a paid subscription from their audience, Substack charges a 10% commission + 3% Stripe transaction fee. There are no paid tiers, and the commission is fixed, regardless of the size of a newsletter.” More from The Generalist: “The $650 million startup isn’t a newsletter platform – it’s a multi-media network and cultural powerhouse.”

FT: “A desire to bring people back to the office is driven partly by worries that workers will not be as productive at home — sparking an increase in remote surveillance and encouraging micromanagement at a distance. Meanwhile, workers, reluctant to give up their autonomy, insist that not having to deal with a commute, or the distractions of office life, allows them to be more productive. This is backed by a global study from Slack’s Future Forum, a consortium on new ways of working: it found that employees with full schedule flexibility increased their productivity, achieving “39 per cent higher productivity scores than those with no ability to adjust their working hours and 64 per cent greater ability to focus”.”

Thomas Sowell: “What then is the intellectual advantage of civilization over primitive savagery? it is not necessarily that each civilized man has more knowledge but that he requires far less.” [via CafeHayek]

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