My Life System #22: Timepass

“Timepass” is one of those classic Indian words which are so hard to translate and explain! It is about doing nothing – decompressing, idling, sleeping in the day, non-focused browsing, or random reading. But this timepass should be an important part of my life. It is where the mind becomes detached from the present and its problems. It lets the subconscious organise itself. To use another classic Hindi word, it is about being “vela.”

I see too many people with completely packed schedules. Every minute of the day is a meeting or some activity. One has to be busy or else one feels one is wasting time. The constant flow of adrenalin, the continuous hyper-ness, this “always-on” mindset keeps one on the edge through the day, round the year.

This is not something I subscribe to. I feel a day must have empty moments, where one can think about what has happened, or just daydream. Maybe pick up a book and read, and get lost in the world the author has created. Or simply sit, look out of the window or balcony, and let the mind wander. I am not sure of the science, but I find such times extremely helpful. Suddenly, an idea will come, or a solution to a problem will float by.

Here is some advice from Rebecca Renner: “Set aside a few minutes every day for daydreaming. Start each session with brainstorming exercises. Pick the medium that feels most effortless and enjoyable, whether it’s writing, drawing, playing an instrument or something else, and use the task as inspiration to plumb your subconscious for ideas. Pick one idea to focus on as you daydream. You should also record a goal for the session. Your goal might be to enjoy your thoughts for a few minutes. You could use the time to process something that’s making you anxious, or to envision the steps you’ll take toward achieving a goal. The more details you can use, the better.”

Sometimes, I will just sit in a chair, open my spiral book and write out my innermost thoughts. It is time without a meeting, without an agenda. And each of us must have some time through a day to let time just pass – slowly, second by second, minute by minute. It is about letting the mind roam – pulling up past memories or imagining new futures. Whatever it is, “timepass” or the more politically correct “daydreaming” must be part of our lives. It is about freeing our imagination; it is like being a child once again without any cares. It is, for a brief period of time, forgetting about the real world, and creating a parallel universe where we can construct realities the way we want. It is where the breakthroughs happen, and our life’s journey gets elevated.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.