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Andrew Chen on hiring a Head of Growth: “Growing your startup’s users and revenue is so critical that it makes sense to hire someone to run it, and to potentially add a team underneath them to support this goal. It’s been a decade since “Growth Teams” became popular in the industry, sprouting up at places from Facebook and LinkedIn to Uber, Slack, Dropbox and others — and it’s natural that startups want to replicate the strategy. However, it’s rarely easy to hire a Head of Growth. Aside from the historically tight labor market for these skills, it’s also tricky to have a simple answer to the question. “It depends” is the right place to start.”

South Korean culture: “The country was once largely known for cars and smartphones, but a global audience has become mesmerized by its entertainment, and creators say success didn’t happen overnight…In the last few years alone, South Korea shocked the world with “Parasite,” the first foreign language film to win best picture at the Academy Awards. It has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, band in the world with BTS. Netflix has introduced 80 Korean movies and TV shows in the last few years, far more than it had imagined when it started its service in South Korea in 2016, according to the company.” More from FT: “Having given the world K-pop, Parasite and Squid Game, it now wants to create global platforms to distribute its content.”

Jay Cost: “As William Seward said of Lincoln, James Madison belongs to the ages. He is neither Republican nor Democrat, liberal nor conservative. Still, he offers powerful instruction on how we might approach our present discontents. When we see him not as a marble statue or picture on the wall, but as a real person, we can find insight and inspiration. He would not wish for us to worship the status quo simply because he helped to create it. To fix our republic, he would want us to work harder, think unconventionally and act a bit Machiavellian, just as he did…[He] took extraordinary steps to sweep away America’s first, dysfunctional form of government.”

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