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Gautham Subramanyam: “Much of India’s media have already caved and become mere organs of the state. A brave minority heroically soldiers on—but for how long in the face of a ruling regime and its minions determined to crush it is anyone’s guess. It is India’s struggle that its own people must fight.”

David Perell: “There are two ways to write: The Printer Method and the Pixel Method. With the Printer Method, you write and rewrite every sentence until it’s perfect. Nail the first sentence, then the second, and so on. Perfection is the name of the game so you don’t advance to a new sentence until everything before it is perfect. The Pixel Method is the opposite. Instead of making every sentence perfect, you put all your ideas on paper — knowing that each one will eventually need to be refined. But instead of refining the sentence immediately after you write it, you wait until you have all your ideas on paper. Then, you rewrite each sentence until you’re happy with it…Most of the time, I recommend the Pixel Method.”

Emily Chamlee-Wright: “For all the ways in which liberalism makes life more productive and peaceful, three powerful forces push against it, forces that I roughly categorize as tribalism, scientism and forgetfulness…We must reassert the liberal sensibility that includes a sense of optimism, skepticism of power and an attitude of intellectual and cultural openness.”

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