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FT on Will Wright’s new game Proxi, which “which tasks players with creating digital artworks based on their most important memories, then turns them into a digital biography of the player that can be interacted with, revisited and shared with others…“Proxi is a gamified way to store memories and build an autobiography, which you can then choose to share,” he says.”

Dambisa Moyo on the importance of growth: “One, living standards. If governments cannot have enough money in their coffers from taxation to fund education, health care, infrastructure and national security, you end up with political unrest. So to my mind, first and foremost, how do you improve people’s living standards? You’ve got to have growth. The second point is around politics. There’s a lot of research in what we used to call the political science area. One of my favorite papers is on what’s the minimum per capita income in a country to make sure democracy survives…The third point is just innovation. Look at the problems we’re dealing with. It’s not a surprise that innovation around Covid and the vaccines came from developed economies.”

George Will: “The spontaneous emergence of social cooperation – the emergence of a system vastly more complex, responsive and efficient than any government could organize – is not universally acknowledged or appreciated. It discomforts a certain political sensibility, the one that exaggerates the importance of government and the competence of the political class.” [via CafeHayek]

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