Thinks 286

Rita McGrath: “A lot of marketing dollars are wasted because it isn’t entirely clear what specific target market you are trying to reach. A closely connected question is what it is you want the members of that target audience to do. An awful lot of people emphasize things like “likes” “follows” and “re-posts” without drawing any connection whatsoever to the behavior they are really interested in, which is turning that potential customer into an actual customer. If you have done a good job of defining the potential customers’ “jobs to be done,” you are ahead of the game. Once you are clear on the problem you are solving, try to put a name to the customer persona, the circumstances in which they have the need, and when they are most likely to be looking for a solution. You want to be “present” at those moments.”

Akash Prakash: “Investors will have to decide whether they wish to participate in this wave of new listings. Not an easy decision if you are a disciplined valuation-conscious investor, worried about market cycles. The short-term odds are stacked against buying. However, longer-term investors may have a different point of view. The future leaders of India Inc are being created in front of us. Can you afford to be totally absent?”

David Perell: “In contrast to the sprint to read every book on Kindle, Charlie Munger once said: “Take a simple idea and take it seriously.” Many of the most successful people I’ve studied have found their edge by putting their faith in one big idea. They’ve committed to the idea, and studied it so much that its implications have become second nature.”

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Rajesh Jain

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