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FTX Trilogy: “FTX is set to be one of the most consequential companies of the next decade. The cryptocurrency exchange has risen to prominence in a little over two years, securing an $18 billion valuation. It’s done so through insane speed, balanced aggression, product innovation, and a unique culture.”

What I Wish I Understood When Starting Out In My Career: One of the 10 pieces of advice: “Learn to time travel: It took me a while to learn how to “travel” a few decades into the future and then return to the present. Being able to conceptualize what the future looks like is one thing, but the real trick is recognizing that dynamism underlies everything. Nothing is static, and all things constantly change, adapt and move forward.”

David Perell on writing daily: “In an ideal world, you only write when you’re filled with the creative spirit. The problem is that when most writers say: “I’m not going to write today because I’m not feeling it,” they are really running away from some kind of fear. Maybe it’s a fear of judgment. Or maybe, it’s a fear of realizing that first drafts are never as perfect as the image in your mind. But writing every day and committing to a regular publishing schedule forces you to push yourself to transcend the hurdles of self-doubt. Consistency comes before choice.”

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