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How Qualtrics beat SurveyMonkey: “Qualtrics should’ve lost but somehow emerged victorious. By wielding a 3 pronged strategy of utilizing cheap Utah labor, gutsy product marketing, and aggressive GTM tactics, the company resoundingly beat Surveymonkey. Their story acts as a warning to operators, the things that are popular among Twitter thought leaders are just the flavor of the moment, build the business you want and ignore everyone else. There is a reason almost all software companies are built on the back of outbound sales motions. It works. ” [from Every]. From HBR: The Founder of Qualtrics on Reinventing an Already Successful Business

The Great Gatsby Curve: Will India be like East Asia or Latin America?: by TN Ninan. “If India combines great inequality with poor inter-generation mobility, it risks becoming, not like East Asia with its rapid growth rates, but like under-performing Latin America.”

Thomas Sowell: “A government bureaucracy, which can dispense its goods or services below cost – including at zero price, in some cases – can always demonstrate a large “need” for its output, and therefore a “justification” for a large staff and budget.” [via CafeHayek]

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