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Parry Ravindranathan on podcasting, writing in BloombergQuint [Audio Media In The 21st Century]: Rebirth Of The Spoken Word: “You can listen while doing other things like cooking, reading, nodding your head during annoying zoom meetings and—parents will agree here—during times when you need a release from dealing with your kids. You don’t have to be fully engaged like with video. In India, the third-largest podcast market in the world after the U.S. and China, the growth has been enormous in all languages. India has its own platforms in JioSaavn and Gaana in addition to the global players and they have all gained large audiences.”

Bo Ilsoe: A multi-part series on the “incomplete guide to leadership”. From Part 1: “A hierarchical responsibility — a title — is by nomination. Leadership is not. Leadership is the innate individual expression and empowerment of others who take you toward your goals. This empowerment motivates and enables others to contribute. Done well, leadership results in contributions delivered unselfishly by stakeholders and employees alike. They will apply themselves and marshal resources, with the company’s mission as their North Star. Leadership is an emergent skill for every individual. Throughout our lives, we can learn as leaders. Leadership is cultural. It is contextual. There are common characteristics of great leadership, but they are expressed and delivered by individuals. Leadership is a journey of self-discovery.”

How India shackles its small businesses: by Gireesh Chandra Prasad in Mint.

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