Thinks 132

Geoffrey Hinton has a hunch about what’s next for AI: from Technology Review. “A decade ago, the artificial-intelligence pioneer transformed the field with a major breakthrough. Now he’s working on a new imaginary system named GLOM…Hinton thinks of GLOM as a way to model human perception in a machine—it offers a new way to process and represent visual information in a neural network. On a technical level, the guts of it involve a glomming together of similar vectors.”

Messing with the web of social conventions: by Arnold Kling. “We live in a web of social conventions. Each social convention by itself is a sort of Chesterton Fence. You may wonder why it’s there, but take it away and you may not anticipate what will happen elsewhere in the web. You ignore potential interdependencies at your peril…Once social conventions have been adopted for awhile, they become very sticky.”

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