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How One Digital Marketing Company Is Changing The Customer Loyalty Game: About Cheetah Digital. “So here lies the future of personalization. It can’t just be about what companies think they know. It isn’t simply based on search history or which social media posts someone liked. We are approaching a new era of marketing, where things become more of an exchange between companies and consumers. Marketers are now able to create a one-to-one contract with their customers where they know what those customers are interested in and can engage with them based on those interests, and those interests alone. It’s all about treating people as the individuals they are.”

India’s Interventionist State: by Ajay Chhiber. Part 1 and Part 2 in Business Standard. “Govt is increasingly keen to deliver even specific items like toilets, water, gas cylinders, where it can show the beneficiary immediate results. This new welfarism helps win polls but not development.”

How social networks got competitive again: by Casey Newton. “Facebook’s surprising new challengers in audio, video, photos, and text.”

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