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Only 7% of urban Indian women have paid jobs: from The Economist. “The International Labour Organisation says that only a fifth of adult women had a job or sought one in 2019, compared with three-fifths in China.” More. “Largely because of the dismal level of female participation, India’s overall workforce has failed to grow. It was 420m in 2016, and is now just 400m by CMIE’s count. It would be around 600m if India had a similar labour participation rate to, say, China or Indonesia.”

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Rise of Chief Evangelists: by David Perell. “We’re already seeing the rise of people who are simultaneously: (1) creators, (2) entrepreneurs, and (3) investors. It’s all part of the same “people as media companies” wave. Traditional media has lost its distribution monopoly, and the means of creation and distribution are now in everybody’s pocket.”

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