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2020 Year in Review: Stratechery. “The lasting impact of COVID will be not entirely new ways of living, but rather the dramatic acceleration of trends that were already in place, particularly those enabled by technology. This includes real world issues like working-from-home, and new digital questions raised by the sheer quantity of information, much of it wrong, but some very right.”

Santosh Desai on Politics and Culture: “The grammar of politics has changed beyond recognition. If there has to be a serious counterpoint to the dominant political force in the country, then it needs a completely fresh mental model of politics. New concepts, a new language, new modes of engaging people, and at the top of the list, new leadership.”

Rahul Verma on BJP’s prospects: “India’s second republic, which has been inaugurated with the BJP’s two consecutive Lok Sabha victories is fundamentally reshaping the social and political arena. The pandemic rather than being a disruptor seems to have consolidated these trends in 2020.”

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Rajesh Jain

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