Six Months of Blogging and Lockdown (Part 3)

Activity List

It took me some time to get accustomed to working from home. In April, I got my office desktop home to replace my 4-year-old laptop. In May, I switched to a different room and a better WiFi setup. In June, I got myself a better table (delivered from Ikea). While this workspace was not as comfortable as my office, it came close. And step by step, productivity increased.

I have opened up many different tracks in my life – and I am busier than I have been for probably two decades. During the IndiaWorld days of 1995-2000, I was constantly doing new things. The lockdown and time at home has helped me get back into a zone of trying out many new ideas. Here is a list.


  • Velvet Rope Marketing – presenting to marketers, and also thinking how to apply it
  • Customer Loyalty and Referral Marketing – exploring new adjacent areas for expansion
  • Netcore 2025 – thinking how we want to grow the company along many different directions
  • MyToday – reviving an old microcontent service from 2007


  • Have been building on the Proficorn idea through a series of stories from my past and present which I have been writing about on the blog

Nayi Disha 2.0

  • Prashnam – a new startup, building an opinions engine
  • Digital tools – thinking about what kind of utilities would be needed for digital platform
  • Media platforms – thinking on how to create new media properties for mass reach
  • The Indian Revolution – thinking about how to make Indians free and prosperous


  • hippoBrain and MartechBrain – 2 new conversations web series with new weekly episodes
  • Books – I have never written books, so I decided to take some active steps towards doing it! There are 3 books lurking within me – on entrepreneurship, the transformation that India needs and marketing.
  • Friends – have frequent conversations with two groups of friends
  • Reading – mix of some fiction thrillers and non-fiction
  • Cryptic Crosswords – decided to get my son interested in what I once loved, and so now we attempt one crossword daily

All in all, it is a full life. I miss travelling and meeting people in person. Hopefully, we can get back to that in 2021.

Tomorrow: Part 4

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