ProfitXL: Supersize Profits with the SHUVAM Framework (Part 2)


The journey to ProfitXL begins with an understanding of marketing’s polycrisis and a marketer’s determination to shift the mindset from adtech to martech, and from new customers to existing customers. Part of the problem for marketers is self-inflicted because they ignore existing customers; then even among existing customers, they do not create differentiated experiences for Best customers; and then when it comes to new acquisition, they disregard the power of referrals, reactivation, and smarter acquisitions based on data from existing customers. Little surprise then that more and more money keeps getting poured into the new customer funnel which in turn leads existing customers to become exiting customers.

The three slides below lay out the story that marketers need to understand to embark on the ProfitXL journey.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.