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2030 by the Numbers: from “Total global population in 2030: 8.5 billion. (It’s currently 7.9 billion, and is expected to stop growing entirely by the end of the century). Fastest growing demographic: the elderly, with the population of people over 65 years old at 1 billion by 2030. Percentage of the world’s population living in cities in 2030: over 60%.”

Manish Sabharwal: “India’s Constitution, political parties and civil service created the world’s largest democracy on the infertile soil of the world’s most hierarchical society. But the steel frame of India@0 has become the steel cage of India@75 because of a human capital regime that prevents the identifying, nurturing, and flourishing of civil service equivalents of IPL cricketer Rishab Pant, Maharani series actor Huma Qureshi and Flipkart founder Sachin Bansal. They represent the magic of meritocracies; applying their lessons to a new civil servant HR regime will accelerate our India@100 goal of putting poverty in the museum it belongs.”

Via Shane Parish: “Rarely do we stop to ask ourselves questions about the media we consume: Is this good for me? Is this dense with detailed information? Is this important? Is this going to stand the test of time? Is the person writing someone who is well informed on the issue? Asking those questions makes it clear the news isn’t good for you.”

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