UVI: A Blockchain Political Platform (Part 11)

The Indian Revolution

Just as cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin) are emerging as a possible alternative to gold as a store of value, we need an alternative to India’s political parties who are like a cancer destroying the country from within. The emergence of Bitcoin has coincided with the central banks printing money and devaluing it. Similarly, UVI is needed at a time when all political parties run authoritarian governments which focus on controlling the people and their actions. When people are allowed a voice, they will choose liberty over serfdom. Indians do not know what real freedom looks like. During the time when some countries in the world attained freedom and then prosperity, Indians have continued to be ruled and dominated – first by the British and then the political class which continued with most of the colonial rules to maximise power at the top.

This is where UVI comes in – as a decentralised political platform where the people are the ones making decisions rather than one or two people at the top. It is UVI which must complete the unfinished freedom movement to do what should have happened in 1947 – a political and economic revolution that put Indians on an irreversible path of prosperity.

There is no global precedence for a blockchain-based political party or platform which attains power. So, much of what I write next is more of a plan and future roadmap on what should happen. None of this is possible without people changing their minds. For now, we will make the assumption that a significant percentage of the population is interested in an alternative to India’s political parties and what they lack is a unifying platform. They do not want yet another political party which can at a future time become an extension of the leader of the top as has happened with every new party. Unless the rules are pre-decided and cast in stone (software code, in the case of UVI), a true people’s platform is not possible.

Bitcoin emerged from the vision (and white paper) of Satoshi Nakamota whose identity to date remains unknown. In just a decade, Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology ideas have fired the imagination of millions around the world. UVI needs to come to life through the actions of a few who can imagine a new future for India and inspire local leaders to rise and take on the establishment that has in effect disenfranchised Indian voters. India’s non-aligned and non-voters comprise two-thirds of eligible voters. Can they unite and make the Indian Revolution a reality in the next 1000 days, in time for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections?

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.