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FT on Apple and Tim Cook: “The extraordinary rise in Apple’s market value is the fruit of the massive smartphone era that Jobs set in motion. But even the biggest admirers of Jobs have been compelled to admit they underestimated or misunderstood the qualities Cook has brought to the job, from supply chain expertise to diplomatic dexterity. “Steve was a visionary firebrand, and Tim is an efficiency expert, an operational guru,” says Ray Wang, chair of Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research. “You need both in a company,” he adds. “You need a person that comes up with the great idea that gets people excited . . . and you need the person who puts it in the market at massive scale.””

Ajay Shah: “Middle India has not recovered from a series of shocks…Middle India is the world of small businesses and people without formal sector jobs. It has experienced a succession of shocks, from demonetisation to goods and services tax to the pandemic. By now, there is reduced financial depth, as consumption has been smoothed by selling assets and by borrowing. For many households, now there is a more precarious economic/financial environment. This will manifest itself in the tightening of belts.”

Atanu Dey: “People often mistranslate the world karma, to say nothing of the misunderstanding of the concept. Karma definitely does not mean ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ in the sense that things are fated or predestined. In fact, it means precisely the opposite. Karma means that it is our actions that determine the future, that what we do matters and has consequences. The concept is a general formulation of the fundamental law of action and its consequences, a specific instance of which are Newton’s laws of motion. Therefore it is the ultimate statement of “The Buck Stops Here.” And so when one says, “It is all Karma”, one is acknowledging that what we do matters and we are ultimately responsible for what we enjoy or suffer…Karma is the action that you perform, and the consequences of your actions unfold over time. Your actions are the cause and the consequences that result are the effects.”

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