Email2: Energising Engagement (Part 5)


To summarise: AMP enables interactive emails. Ems are informative emails. Microns are incentivised emails. When bundled into a single composite email (Email2, the next-gen email), this triad can help increase opens and clicks, and thus drive greater engagement by bringing excitement back into emails. There are other benefits of a successful Email2 program: higher retention and lower churn in the long term, and more inboxing and greater reach in the short term.

Consider today’s emails and the power of Email2 will become apparent. Most emails are long and have too many choices (which can also be confusing to some). The emails are not interactive in-place, thus necessitating a click to a web page or an app. The emails are not gamified, reducing the incentive for us to even open them. Email2 solves all of these problems. Email2 is a 10X better solution in the sense that its focus is to take email open rates from 10% to 100%. Marketers take great effort to create the emails and decide whom to send them to; it is thus a tragedy if these emails go to waste and lie unopened and unseen.

Email2 will bring creativity back into email – brevity, smart copywriting, simplicity of design, and story-telling. It is about persuasion and nudging, rather than hard-selling. It is about getting attention first and brand building, rather than jumping straight into pushing for a purchase. Microns use the Subject line to create the excitement of earning rewards and thus grab attention in an Inbox of otherwise same-to-same Subject lines. Ems limit the display area to a mobile screen thus driving the need for a single, sharp message. AMP offers the opportunity to bring in interactivity – a touch or a swipe which draws the recipient in.

Email2 thus opens up a new world because it is a new format – made for the micro-attention recipient who is viewing it on the mobile. Tiktok showed that even 6 seconds is good enough to engage with videos. Email2 is about creating those brief moments to inform, reward and enchant, and in doing so, imprint the brand for a few seconds daily in the minds of the customers. “Hooked” customers is the way to drive repeat transactions, and Email2 is the pathway to creating Hooked customers.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.