Email2: Energising Engagement (Part 4)


Microns are emails (and can be any push message later) which have a micro-incentive for a micro-moment (an action to be performed by the recipient). These actions could be opening the email, clicking on a link, filling out a form in the email, answering a quiz, or just providing feedback. The subject line of the email uniquely identifies such an email, and the points earned are updated in the email footer. In my writings, I termed this concept of incentives as “Atomic Rewards” and called the points as “Mu” (µ). Microns are the carriers of Atomic Rewards. They are emails which gamify engagement.

Here are some of my past writings:

Here is what I wrote in the last essay: “Atomic Rewards work across brands because no single brand engagement will offer enough incentives to become an independent program. These rewards are not linked with transactions. They come in the form of points (Mu) and are thus non-financial. The points aggregated across multiple brand engagements can be redeemed at the Mu Shop … Atomic Rewards help with the habit loop. The µ symbol in the Subject of an email or adjacent to a QR code is the cue. The craving is the quantum of Mu that can be earned and what the additional Mu does – maintain a streak, bring one closer to the free item in the shop or the next level rise, and so on.  The response is the action in the form of an open or click – the attention and engagement desired by the brand. The reward is the earning of Mu and a step towards a desired goal. Over time, µ becomes associated with a reward, and that is what can drive behaviour change.”

The big idea behind Atomic Rewards: to get customers to pay attention pay them for their attention. (Else one will pay Google and Facebook 100X more for them if they churn.)

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