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Economist on Apple CEO Tim Cook: “No CEO in history has created as much total shareholder value as Mr Cook. When he took over the company had a market value of $349bn. Today it is worth $2.5trn, more than any other listed firm ever. Under his aegis annual sales surged from $108bn in 2011 to $274bn last year. Net profit more than doubled to $57bn, overtaking Saudi Aramco’s oil-fuelled earnings and turning Apple into the world’s most profitable company. Less widely noticed, during his tenure the “Apple economy”—its annual revenue plus everything other companies make on one of its platforms—has grown sevenfold to more than $1trn.

Thomas McKinlay’s top 5 marketing insights: At #1: People love products with rituals

India OTT audience survey: 40.7 million people in the OTT universe are a paying SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) audience, with each one paying for 2.4 brands on average. The non-paying segment, which watches pay-driven video on subscriptions taken by their family members or friends, or via telecom packages, is sizeable at 69.8 million. Together, these comprise 31 per cent (over 110 million) of the total OTT universe in India. [via Business Standard]

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