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Stamos Kanellakis: “The biphasic subscription monetization strategy is a two-step approach to rolling out subscription-based services, in which: 1) businesses roll out novel services as standalone offerings and quickly monetize them by targeting enthusiastic consumers, before 2) adding those services to pre-existing bundles combined with more mature services and monetizing them over time with the broader consumer base.”

The Economist biology brief on cells: “A cell requires something to keep its insides in and the outside out. That is the role of the cell membrane, a flexible film made largely of lipids. These are smallish tadpole-shaped molecules with heads that are comfortable in water and twin tails that shun it. When put into a watery solution they naturally form double layers in which the water-tolerant heads are on the outside and the water-wary bits on the inside. Some plant, fungal and bacterial cells employ more rigid structures, called cell walls, as further fortifications beyond their membranes. But it is the membrane which defines the cell.”

Matt Ridley: “I’ve noticed for years [that] scientists take a somewhat top-down view of the political world, which is odd if you think about how beautifully bottom-up the evolutionary view of the natural world is…If you think biological complexity can come about through unplanned emergence and not need an intelligent designer, then why would you think human society needs an ‘intelligent government’?”

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