Changing Minds for Nayi Disha: Attention to Action (Part 10)

All Together

To bring Nayi Disha to life and give India a new direction with the next elections must be the single-minded goal of all Indians who seek a freer and richer future for themselves and their children. Once they realise that the present path we are on is no different from the preceding 250 years and the eventual endgame is ever-increasing extraction and exploitation, perhaps some will wake up to wanting to play a role in understanding the root of the problem (lack of freedom) and working to craft the solution (Nayi Disha).

The starting point is to change people’s minds. Only then can we hope to channel votes via United Voters of India to create an India freed from the clutches of the politicians and their parties. To change minds, we need to get their attention and then nudge them towards action. To get attention, we need to create a content factory which educates and persuades. This content needs to be then distributed via email and WhatsApp to tens of millions – a pipe that bypasses government controlled media properties and platforms. One person at a time, this all-digital movement needs to grow in strength – just like the Internet startups who have transformed our lives in the past decade.

Once the outreach is there, attention needs to be transformed into action. This is where the Nayi Disha app needs to play a starring role. By borrowing ideas from successful mobile games, it needs to encourage actions and teamwork to create winning coalitions in every part of India to fulfil the endgame of a Lok Sabha of Independents. The numbers are there – two-thirds of Indians are either non-aligned or non-voters. This is the audience that must be persuaded to unite against the politicians and their parties for a free and rich India.

This is a movement without a top-down commander; it is a people’s movement. In the digital world that is upon us, no small group of people can make this happen on their own. The revolution will need creators and influencers, each a mini-celebrity to some. They need to be persuaded to join and use their ingenuity, skills and networks to amplify the message across the country. A ladder of engagement will motivate many – after all, it is a fight for their own future.

Every action can be done digitally except the final act – of voting on election day. This is the only way Nayi Disha can do in months what the political parties have done in decades. Indians don’t have the luxury of time; we cannot lose another generation to mediocrity and capital drain. It is time to not just be customers of digital platforms but create one of our own for the highest cause of them all: freedom and prosperity for a billion Indians.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.