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Anthony Gill: “Governance does not mean government. For every problem that arises in society, we do not have to run to the polling booth to cast a ballot for a new initiative or for some politician who promises to take care of the problem for us. We often can allocate resources and solve societal problems without resorting to formal government. Markets and private organizations are wonderful mechanisms for undertaking such tasks and have served humanity well throughout history when they are allowed to operate freely.  Having students understand that markets – voluntary agreements between individuals with complementary preferences – are an extremely effective way of allocating resources is a crucial first step. Markets are a form of governance, something that most people do not realize. We must communicate this effectively, both in the schools and in the general media.”

How Economics Drives News Media: by Arnold Kling. “Andrey Mir’s Postjournalism offers a powerful, sweeping narrative of how news media have evolved over the centuries. Mir’s framework is that media technology determines how journalism is supported financially, and those who finance news media in turn shape its contents.”

A Declaration of Independence for 2021: via CafeHayek. “My friend Jim Clancy updated for 2021 Thomas Jefferson’s soaring document of 1776.” Richard Ebeling offers: “A Declaration of Independence from Big Government.”

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