India Consumer Tech Numbers (Part 7)

Retail India

The big picture from Fino Payments Bank: “the private final consumption expenditure (PFCE) was 58% of GDP in financial year 2021 at ₹ 116 trillion and India’s retail spending on goods was at ~50% of its private consumption.”

Fino adds: India retail spending is projected to touch ₹ 91 trillion by financial year 2025, with smaller stores and organised retail to co-exist.

Nykaa offers a deep dive into the growth:

Organised retail in India, which accounted for 15% of the retail market in 2019 (4% up from the share in 2016), as per Nykaa.

The changing Indian is showcased in this chart from CarTrade:

The pandemic-fuelled growth in ecommerce is highlighted by MobiKwik:

The digital commerce opportunity in India, as highlighted by Patym:

Nykaa offers some interesting insights into India’s beauty and fashion markets:

Nazara highlights the gaming opportunity in India:

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