Microns and Brands: Made for Each Other (Part 12)

An Example

Eat your own dog food, as they say! Here is the use case. Let’s say you came across this blog series and did a quick read. Somewhere, I nudge you to subscribe to a 4-micron series summarising the key ideas. Here is what you would get:

Day 1: What are Microns

Microns as a new email format for brands and content creators:

  • Informational “Personalised” Emails
  • Can be consumed in seconds
  • Mobile-First: fits on a single screen; no scrolling
  • Design thinking – no cognitive overload
  • Multi-lingual
  • Push; Sent daily, at a scheduled time
  • Can have rich media (images, audio, video)
  • Humanised: crafted by a person, not a bot
  • Variety: a micron for every interest, all in one place
  • Shareable via messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Showcase for innovations: interactive, dynamic content

Day 2: The 6 types of Micron Moments

  • Pre-purchase persuasion
  • Post-purchase engagement
  • Connecting with unknown customers
  • Interacting with anonymous visitors
  • Communicating with the long tail of customers
  • Targeting the inactive email database

Day 3: Micron Moments in daily life

  • Reading a news story and wanting more
  • Dental care tips
  • A book / movie to dig deeper into
  • Using an app / product better
  • Following a person I like
  • Cholesterol care
  • A challenging puzzle to solve
  • More on the next Friday movie
  • What to buy next
  • A past memory – a photo, a file, a flight

Day 4: Micron advantages

  • Fill a big gap in customer engagement
  • Email for branding – a new use case
  • DIY / self-serve – can start in minutes
  • Near zero cost – so no long approval process
  • Infinite scale possible – with near-zero budget
  • Fill missing moments in the brand-customer relationship
  • Great for daily nudges
  • Convert moments to money
  • Universal (email = identity)
  • No other alternative is possible

Short, simple, sequenced, informational. That is the wonderful world of microns.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.