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Technologies give velocity to stupidity, but they don’t make people stupid: by George Will.”Today, the Internet and social media enable instantaneous dissemination of stupidity, thereby creating the sense that there is an increasing quantity of stupidity relative to the population’s size. This might be true, but blame it on animate, hence blameworthy, things — blowhards with big megaphones, incompetent educators, etc. — not technologies.”

Wisdom Isn’t What You Think It Is: David Brooks in NYT. “Wisdom is different from knowledge. Montaigne pointed out you can be knowledgeable with another person’s knowledge, but you can’t be wise with another person’s wisdom. Wisdom has an embodied moral element; out of your own moments of suffering comes a compassionate regard for the frailty of others…It’s more about listening than talking.”

Read: The Devil’s Hand, by Jack Carr

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