Dynamic Engaging Footers: Email 2.0’s Silver Bullet (Part 2)


There are five types of AMPlets which can become part of the email footer: engagement, content, shopping, games, and ads.

Engagement: These AMPlets can be used by brands to drive more interaction. For example, they can be used for getting NPS ratings, reviews, and referrals. They can also be used for progressing profiling, thus helping the brand know more about the customer. The advantage: no need for clickthroughs or landing pages, as happens now.

Content: AMPlets can offer a carousel of headlines and stubs, and real-time quotes.

Shopping: Footer AMPlets can also offer shopping carts, if there is deep integration with the shopping platform. Imagine being able to get a mini-version of Email Shops in the footer – complete with search, categories, magic cart, and live recommendations.

Games: From roulette to quizzes, games can be a big draw to ensure emails are opened and engaged. Think of this like the comics section in a newsletter – a big draw for getting consumers to open the email and scroll to the footer, and thus also view the brand content.

An addition here can be Mu – the Atomic Rewards program which enables earning and burning of the points.

See Gamelets: Rethinking Rewards Redemption and Quizzing in Email: An Innovation in the Inbox for more.

Ads: Footer ads can be a source of revenue. For the first time, ads can be personalised for a single individual because the email ID to whom the ad is being shown is known. Ads can also be actionable — lead-generation or for selling products. Eventually, the shopping ads could be linked with a wallet enabling one-click/tap shopping.


One thing to note with all these examples is that in all cases there is no action which takes the user outside the email – all actions are completed right inside the email. Besides, being in the footer, they are completely non-intrusive from a consumer experience standpoint.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.