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Rajeev Bhargava: “If a nation is a people in conversation, then anyone stopping this conversation is damaging it…At no point must the state hijack the conversation, dictate its agenda or control it. It is a part of the conversation, not its permanent leader. Indeed, it is the duty of the state to rein in those who disrupt or block the conversation. The nation expects it.” [via HT]

Hugh Hewitt: “My defense of reading fiction in a time of urgent facts boils down to four points. First, fiction can keep anxious minds from chewing themselves to bits…Second, reading can give a sense of proportion, which our distracted age needs most urgently…Third, reading can take us into unfamiliar worlds and better prepare us to live in our own…Fourth, and finally, time spent with a worthwhile novel is not time sucked away and spat out. It is time, and the lessons of time, brought into focus.”

ksred: “The format of the [Emergent Ventures] Unconference is something I have not seen anywhere else. It really puts forward this battle of ideas with the freedom to explore without any judgment. This is how it works: There are several venues and several time slots available to talk. A grid board is put up representing these. Anyone who wants to put a talk forward, writes the talk title on a sticky note. Anyone who wants to attend a talk, finds one or more talks of interest. People are not discouraged from attending multiple talks.”

Richard Nixon: “What makes life mean something is purpose. A goal. The battle. The struggle. Even if you don’t win it.” [via Shane Parrish]

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