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Reason asks if Jared Polis is the most libertarian governor in America: “The Colorado Democrat supports abortion rights, school choice, letting kids play unsupervised, an end to COVID-19 overreach, and an income tax rate of “zero.””

John Tamny: “Mr. Musk sits atop the wealth pyramid not because he’s a copycat, or because he has prudently invested in index funds, but because with each venture he has tried to usher a widely dismissed or unseen future into the present. Mr. Musk is incredibly rich because he continues to pursue the impossible.”

Roosevelt Montás: “I see in the Great Books a way to break the deadlock of polarization between right and left. Rather than getting people shouting at each other about the latest headlines, what if we were to talk about the deep issues that underlie our political life? What justice is. What political power is. What the nature of government is. What the nature of individual rights are; what the idea of equality means; what the idea of inherent rights mean. Forget the politics of today. Let’s talk together and debate the deeper issues.”

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