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Atanu Dey: “Democracy is not all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, I think it is seriously flawed and, although in certain limited contexts it is better than the alternatives, people who get ecstatic at the mention of the word democracy are seriously deluded and what’s worse, their delusion is not harmless. That delusion has pernicious effects, the most serious of which is its negative impact on individual freedom. Democracy, as practiced, is contrary and antagonistic to freedom, and therefore inconsistent with human flourishing.”

WSJ: “Anxiety…has nothing to do with present threats. Instead, it turns you into a mental time traveler, drawing your attention to what lies ahead. Will you succeed or fail in that interview for a job you desperately want? Anxiety prompts your mind and body into action. Your worries impel you to prepare meticulously for the interview, while your heart races and pumps blood to your brain so that you stay sharp and focused, primed to pursue your goals.”

Eamonn Butler: “International trade greatly widens the pool of talent involved in supplying products to markets. Such increased competition means domestic producers have to make their own activities more cost-effective, or risk losing business to outsiders. They have to control costs and cut waste. They must stay sharp in order to understand what customers want and how those wants can be satisfied, and to anticipate future trends on both fronts. They need to keep trying new things, to innovate and improve both their offer to customers and their own production processes. And this constant pressure to innovate and improve in turn drives progress.” [via CafeHayek]

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