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Mohit Satyanand: “In the early decades of independent India, high import barriers and subsidised manufacturing were justified by the ‘Infant Industry’ argument – that colonisation had crippled our ability to compete in global markets, and we needed the umbrella of protection to grow that competence. Today’s political narrative of a resurgent India would not permit the use of words such as ‘infant’ – or even ‘immature’ – to describe our manufacturing sector, but the manner in which we are retreating from free trade shows a diminishing sense of confidence. Rather than administering the hard pills of economic reform, we have reached for the easy nostrums of protectionism.”

Ruchin Kulkarni: “There’s a new sheriff in town – product-led growth. Just look at the early stages of the SaaS market. Over 90% of newly minted founders in 2022 are building for a PLG motion. The SaaS GTM default has changed. PLG is in, boring old sales and marketing-led growth are out. B2C phenomena like virality, referrals, and free usage have exploded the B2B top-of-funnel. SaaS companies today have more users than ever before. Canva has more users than Robinhood and Airbnb combined. The days of worrying about top-of-the-funnel are over. However, the new sheriff has rolled into town with a new villain on their tail. The battle for SaaS companies has shifted from the fields of acquisition to the plains of monetization.”

The Economist did multiple stories on India recently. “The Indian economy is being rewired. The opportunity is immense. And so are the stakes.”

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