Constructing the Bharatverse (Part 5)

Viral Video

Continuing from the future…

It all started with the video. It was all of 3 minutes long. In just 180 seconds, it laid out a new future for India. A future of freedom and prosperity. A future where families were not dependent on government handouts for their livelihoods. A future where the Dhan Vapasi program gave every Indian family an opportunity to make their own choices. A future where hard work could transform lives within a few years. A future where upward mobility was a reality. A future where surnames did not matter. A future that belonged to the people and not the politicians and their parties.

The video ended with a call to action: we have to unite our vote against the political parties who seek to divide us. If just 30% of us voted as one, we can choose our own candidates and propel them to the Lok Sabha, so they could enact the Nayi Disha agenda to put India on a new path.

There was perhaps something in the timing. Ideas of political alternatives had been talked about in the past, but none had got any traction. There was something in the video that connected with this particular moment in time – an India divided into those with a future, and those without; an India free from the politicians who enslaved, exploited and extracted; an India where every family got its economic right; an India that would finally be free in the true sense of the word.

It is true that movements need leaders, and leaders create movements. But there are also revolutions that arise when “the crowd” changes its mind. And that is what happened. A seemingly helpless mass decided they had had enough. The video unleashed that inner energy to do something different. The old ways were simply not working. A life of subsistence was not a life to be bequeathed to the next generation. The parents wanted better for their children, the young wanted better for themselves. Indians finally woke up to the fact that Rs 10,000 as the median family income was not the path to fulfilling any dream, however modest.

And thus it began. The Bharatverse vision, the Nayi Disha agenda, the United Voters of India movement – all coalesced into a single decision. We will vote in the next election and vote as one. This vote will be for one amongst us, not for the politicians. The virality of the video was matched by the acceptance of the app, and a new platform for India’s politics took shape in months. There finally was an alternative – just not what the politicians had expected.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.